The Petya Ransomware finally Decrypted

The Ransomware is a malware that has been circulating via emails; it is said to come from individuals looking to be employed, since March 2016. Once the mail is opened, the malware infects your machine by changing the MFT. The operating system fails to locate your data due to the master file table (MFT) encryption, and a ransom note shows asking for 0.9-bit coins that are equivalent to 264 Euros.
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What exactly is Computer Science?

Computer science is the knowledge of using computers to solve problems. This is mainly in designing software and handling important scientific questions on how computer operates and also in features of hardware. Computer science involves everything that has to do with computers, both is programming and foundations. Those who work with these computers are called computer scientists.
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Where to Find the Best Computer Advice

When you are planning to buy a computer or looking into changing the programs in your computer, it is important to make sure that your get the best computer advice.

If you are looking to buy a computer and you are not really experienced or have knowledge in computers, then it is important that you start by taking to a computer technician. A technician may be the best adviser since he will not be looking at making money and will also ensure that you get a computer that will work well for you so that you do not complain about his advice later on.
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