5 key considerations for cloud backup and data recovery

Recently, Data Backup and Recovery Maimi solutions have progressed from the previous hardware based solutions to cloud based solutions that provide agencies far better ways of recovering data in case of losses. When assessing a cloud backup and recovery solution, IT experts need to consider their IT goals. For instance, they can consider the regulatory and compliance rules, previous data recovery experiences and future IT plans.

Consider the following factors for cloud backup and data recovery:

Cloud cost

Ideally, all data can be stored in the cloud. However, in reality budget decisions play a vital role when making a decision on the most critical data. When undertaking integrated cloud recovery, determine the technology that best fits the budget. Pricing considerations should comprise the backup and recovery of databases, files, physical and virtual servers as well as server images without any preceding restriction on the endpoints, servers and auditing. Apart from operational expenditure, one should also consider the scalability related to pricing.


A good cloud solution should be controllable from any agency location. IT managers should have the capability of login from wherever they are and start off restoration. Highly advanced solutions enable one to download files without having to recover the whole server image first. Apart from ease of use, you should also consider if you will receive 24/7 live support whenever you need help with something.

The backup speed

As the business grows, datasets increase in size. This means that the software should have the capacity to hold a large amount of data at once. Apart from the capacity, the system should provide the optimum backup speed required. Speed is important in meeting the backup window as well as recovering data quickly. An advanced technology can transfer up to 5TB of data within as little as twelve hours. Such high speed gives the assurance that systems and applications can be backed up within a specified time with little or no disruption.

Amount of recovery timeb

As you develop a cloud based solution, it is important to consider the amount of time that your agency can go without having gained access to the data. Having a recovery time objective is vital as it offers a parameter that IT experts should work with in providing backup and restore. This time can be as short as within an hour and as long as a day. In most cases, shorter recovery time is preferred.


A reliable cloud based system should have no point of failure in its architecture. This way, clients can rely on the system entirely, without fearing that their data will not be backed up properly or fail to be restored fully. When building proper protection architecture, the value of the applications under protection must be aligned with the technology used.

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